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Day 1 November 03, 2021
Opening Remarks

with Woody Talcove & Sy Ray

Presenter Introductions
Technology Updates

with Sev Dishman

2021 technology updates across the board.

Technology Updates Continued

with Sev Dishman

Guest Speaker - Ughhh! Tower Dump….Tower Dump to the rescue! With a healthy side of Google to shut the front door.

with Peter Glogoza

This homicide case study has a focus on the necessity of considering preservation of Verizon Tower Records (with RTT) if a suspect is not identified within three days of the homicide. The case study also demonstrates the potential usefulness of Google when there are no geo-location records present in the returns. A review of how all aspects of this investigation came together after the suspect was identified will be covered.

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Noun Dumping

Next generation technology breakthroughs. The new information dump of 2022 that will supplement tower dumps.

with Sy Ray

Google Geofences

with Craig Garcia

Roadmap and Customer feedback:

with A detailed overview of the Lexis Nexis / ZetX integration with an interactive user survey.

Day 2 November 04, 2021
08:00 - 8:50
Guest Speaker - Catfish Infant Abduction

with Trevor Buchanan

This case study of an infant abduction demonstrates the value of working under exigency to quickly work through a suspect elimination and validation processes using social media exploitation, RTT, IP information and other geolocation evidence.

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9:00 - 9:50
Guest Speaker - Go ahead, mess with this girl

with Joe Noyes

This homicide case study has a focus on using live ping locations and diversifying location information while using outside the box thinking to complete the investigation. MVNO accounts, live pings, DNA and social media are all aspects of what brought this case together as corroborative evidence supporting the accuracy of the geo-location data.

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10:00 - 10:50
Guest Speaker - Witness Homicide

with Kevin Connolly

This case involves the brutal murder of a witness by three suspects. The case study demonstrates the use of CSLI to include RTT/PCMD data, elevation maps and an excellent use of corroborative evidence. This case has a focus on investigating multiple providers and devices with dynamic use of Google Earth animations for courtroom presentations.

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11:00 - 11:50
Guest Speaker - The Bears

with Todd Hoyle and Sy Ray

This investigative case study is an excellent demonstration of using big data to resolve crime over the course of an extremely long and exhaustive investigation. The effort to resolve ongoing bear poaching in this case included the use of historical CSLI and other methods of corroborative evidence.

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Mennonite Case Study

A case study profiling a common device at multiple locations. Building on this theory across multiple geolocation-based investigations. This is a case study of basic methodologies that can be applied to any investigation.

with Sev Dishman

Dynamic Court Presentations

with Sy Ray

Presenting complex geolocation data in court.

Virtual Pen Registers, Social Media, WiFi and e-SIM

with Mike Pezzelle.

The impact of new technologies to consider during live tracking missions

Day 3 November 05, 2021
JAG Investigations

with Michele Stuart

Identifying and exploiting social media accounts.

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JAG Investigations Continued

with Michele Stuart

Okay, Google, how can I catch a peeping predator?

with Mike Winslow

Piecing together the google data puzzle. Looking for a peeping tom predator through old fashioned police work and this case highlights mapping, and best investigative practices and shows how to go beyond Google location data.

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