Alex Quilantan

Guest Speaker November 5th, 2020 8:00

Alex Quilantan started his law enforcement career in Idaho in 1994 where he worked for the Caldwell and Twin Falls Police Departments. While at the Twin Falls Police Department he developed a working relationship with the hotel/motel owner’s and managers. Alex established a training program that assisted them identify the warning signs for fraudulent and narcotic activity. The partnership resulted in numerous narcotics, fraud and fugitive warrant arrests. For his efforts he was awarded the National Association of Police Organization Top Cop award for the state of Idaho and Honorable Mention for the nation. Alex left Idaho in 1999 and began his career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (CA). After working 7 ½ years in the Central Men’s Jail, he promoted to the rank of Investigator. He started out working property crimes and crimes against persons in two of our contract cities. Alex was then assigned to the US Marshals Fugitive Warrant Task Force. While with the task force, he got his first taste of working with call detail records although not to the extent that he would later be exposed to. In 2012, Alex became a member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Detail.

He expanded on his call detail record knowledge in May 2014 by attending Sy Ray’s Phoenix Training Council Basic Cell Phone Records Investigation training course. That was his last Phoenix Training Council class before launching ZETX/TRAX. He took the ZETX Subject Matter Expert Course in 2015 and completed the certification requirements in October 2015. Alex has attended several other ZETX SME courses, ZETX basic courses and the ZETX Fugitive Mission Planning and Cellular Investigative Techniques training class. He utilized the training and experience he received from ZETX and partnered with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Crime Analysis Detail in assisting other investigators with analyzing and interpreting call detail records.

In February 2020, Alex retired from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and he is now a Senior Investigator with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office in their Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit.

Trevor Buchanan

Guest Speaker November 5th, 2020 10:00

Trevor Buchanan is a detective with the Newport News Police Department in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia employed there since his end of active service from the Marine Corps in 2008. Trevor was reassigned from the Patrol Division to the Criminal Intelligence Unit as a Surveillance Team member and also assigned as a Sniper Team member on the Tactical Operations Unit or “SWAT” Team in 2011.

He began his experience working with call detail records in 2013 where he spent several years manually analyzing and mapping records and attended his first training course with ZetX in April 2015. Since then, Trevor has attended 4 additional ZetX Courses to include the Subject Matter Expert Course and subsequently attained his SME certification. Trevor has provided technical assistance to all units within his department as well as numerous local, state, and federal partners in the region and has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of different cases.

Trevor has recently become a member of the regional Marshals task force and assists with fugitive apprehension investigations and operations which has offered him a different dynamic in the use of wireless exploitation methods. When not working, Trevor looks for any excuse to bring him back to his home state of Arizona to visit his family and friends.

Joseph Noyes

Guest Speaker November 5th, 2020 13:00

Joseph Noyes has been a member of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office since September of 2006. Joseph spent four years in the capacity of Road Patrol. During those four years he was temporarily assigned to a Property Crimes Detective Bureau where he assisted in burglary and theft investigations. From 2010 to 2013 he was assigned to a Street Crimes Unit. As part of the Street Crimes Unit, Joseph was tasked with investigating low level drug complaints, addressing rising crime trends in the District, surveillance and fugitive arrests for the District’s Property Crimes unit, and some minor investigations.

In 2013, he became a member of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit. The Homicide Unit is responsible for investigating shootings/stabbings/blunt force trauma with serious injuries, drug overdose investigations, suicide investigation, and homicide investigation throughout unincorporated Palm Beach County. Upon becoming a member of the Homicide Unit, Joseph learned quickly the rising importance of digital evidence and cell phone record mapping. He attended his first class with ZETX in 2016 and took the Subject Matter Expert Course in 2017 and completed the certification requirements in 2018.

As a result of his training, in addition to his Homicide duties he is also responsible for reviewing a large amount of the cellular phone record evidence obtained by his unit. He has had numerous opportunities to testify in court in reference to cell phone mapping and geolocation. Joseph has been recognized in the Palm Beach County Court as an expert witness and has also successfully testified in a Daubert hearing which challenged the use of cell phone records, Trax, and his qualifications as an expert.

Kevin Connolly

Guest Speaker November 5th, 2020 14:30

Detective Sergeant Kevin Connolly is a 23-year veteran of the Barnstable Police Department in Massachusetts. He has been federally deputized by the United States Marshals as a United States Secret Service Task Force Officer assigned to the New England Cyber Fraud Task Force. Detective Sergeant Connolly has participated in and initiated both state and federal investigations to include homicides, sexual assaults, and child exploitation cases. He has also participated in two Title III federal wire-tap cases that targeted and dismantled high-level drug trafficking organizations on Cape Cod.

Based on his participation in several of these investigations Detective Sergeant Connolly has received an Investigative Achievement Award from the United States Attorney’s Office and a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the United States Congress. He has instructed over 500 students on the subject of digital investigations as well as lectured at both the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia and the National Cyber Crime Conference.

Detective Sergeant Connolly holds a Master’s Degree from Faulkner University in Justice Administration and is a ZetX Subject Matter Expert on call detail record and geolocation data analysis.